TrafficAngel TA2

4 camera recording system

Digital video recording

In an environment where even the smallest scrape can cost £1000s in damages and legal bills, our easy-fit, plug-and-play, 1, 2, 4 & 8 channel digital video recording systems can provide the crucial evidence you need in the event of an incident.

Time-and-date-stamped footage is continuously recorded onto SD card or hard drive and is easily retrieved from the DVR for playback on your pc or laptop.

On-board video recording improves driver behaviour, reduces accidents and subsequent repair bills, reduces fleet running costs and most importantly can help to save lives.

Nearside and rear cameras are viewed on the 7″ in-cab monitor to assist the driver with maneuvers.

Whatever the vehicle, however many cameras, The TA2 system can be tailored to suit your exact transport needs. Robust proximity sensors can also be added if required.

Talk to your insurance company today about what premium reductions they can offer and what financial contribution they will make towards fitting TA2 to your fleet.

Waterproof cameras

All TrafficAngel ball cameras are waterproof, have infra-red and are wide angle to ensure maximum coverage in all conditions.


Can be programmed to continue recording for up to 24 hours after the vehicle ignition is turned off.

LRB recording

Left / right turn signals and braking are recorded and played back alongside the footage.

GPS Positioning

Using an external GPS module, the vehicle’s exact position and speed are continuously recorded and shown on a scalable map within the playback software.

Camera Diagnostic Facility

Provides the ability for the driver to instantly check the status of all on-board cameras at the touch of a button. This ensures that all cameras are clean, correctly aligned and undamaged before or during a shift.

SD card/HDD storage

Depending on storage requirements, the TA2 DVR can store recorded footage on either twin SD cards or a hard disk drive (HDD). SD cards will provide up to 280 hours of footage, an HDD can store as much as 1000 hours.

Company name/vehicle registration

The TA2 system can be programmed to store the company name and vehicle registration, which is viewable on the playback software.

Motion detection

With motion detection enabled, the system will be active 24/7, but only record when movement on any of the cameras is detected. The system can intelligently store a section of footage before, during and after the movement to ensure all necessary evidence is captured.

Articulated vehicles

Where a camera is required for a trailer, an optional Suzie kit is available to enable seamless integration into the TA2 system.

5th camera / load camera

A 5th camera enables easy viewing of the load area, a grab crane or mixer drum. This camera can either be connected to a secondary in-cab monitor for continuous viewing or integrated into the existing system, controlled by either a manual switch or triggered automatically by an event (engaging PTO, connecting Suzie cable etc). This camera can be set to record when triggered or simply viewed on the monitor when required.

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