TrafficAngel TA1

A camera and sensor combination system, providing the driver with optimum vision and early warning in blindspot areas.

Night-vision reversing and nearside cameras, both linked to a 7” in-cab LCD screen. Nearside view is shown in forward and neutral, automatically switching to the rear view camera when the reverse gear is engaged.

Up to 8 sensors positioned around the front and nearside of the vehicle provide a visual and audible warning of hidden cyclists, pedestrians, cars and street furniture (see Sensor systems).

This system is suitable for all types of vehicles including articulated. (Suzie kit required)

The system is made up of plug and play components and can be easily upgraded to the full TA2 package which records all the cameras, speed, GPS location and LRB signals. Also available is the ability to stream the footage to your phone or computer via our Live Drive technology.

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