Nearside 8 sensor detection system

Driver friendly and capable of withstanding the harshest environments, TrafficSense is the most cost-effective nearside sensor system on the market. With up to 8 sensors positioned on the nearside and front of the vehicle, TrafficSense provides a clear audio-visual warning, alerting the driver to the presence of cyclists, pedestrians and other obstacles, giving unparalleled coverage down the notorious ‘blind side’ of the vehicle.

A bright LED traffic light display on the nearside A-pillar changes colour as the obstruction approaches, giving a warning tone only at the critical proximity of 0.4m, therefore reducing unnecessary audible intrusion in an already noisy cab.

Speed switch.

Automatically shuts off the sensors once the vehicle exceeds the customer-specified speed.

StreetSmart technology.

Whilst parked or adjacent to a wall, bollard or other stationary object, our StreetSmart feature deactivates the audible tone after 7 seconds until movement is again detected, including potentially unseen cyclists or pedestrians squeezing through the gap.

Robust sensors.

Unprotected sensors are quickly destroyed by road chips, acid wheel-washes, scrapes and knocks unless adequately shielded. Our sensors are supplied with robust rubber housings and conduit where required and can be mounted on almost any part of the vehicle including wheel arches, under-run bars and existing brackets.

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