Nearside front 4 sensor detection system

Now fitted as standard to the major supermarkets as well as many other fleets, StepProtect is proven to greatly reduce nearside step damage and personal injury.

Up to 4 waterproof sensors positioned on the nearside corner detect the presence of low walls, bollards, cyclists, pedestrians and other obstructions in the blind spot.

ADR spec looms are also available as right.

The simple, driver-friendly interface consists of a bright LED traffic light display on the nearside A-pillar, which changes colour as the obstruction/hazard approaches, giving an audible warning tone only at the critical proximity of 0.4m.

Speed switch.

Automatically shuts off the sensors once the vehicle exceeds the customer-specified speed.

StreetSmart technology.

Whilst parked or adjacent to a wall, bollard or other stationary object, our StreetSmart feature deactivates the audible tone after 7 seconds until movement is again detected, including potentially unseen cyclists or pedestrians squeezing through the gap between the vehicle and the obstacle.

ADR Specification.

TrafficAngel ADR proximity sensors has ATEX certified components ensuring a safe fit to hazardous goods vehicles.


StepProtect Components.

SP2/SP21M: StepProtect Proximity Sensor 0.5m/1m








SP2X: StepProtect 5m Sensor Extension







SP1: StepProtect Control Unit


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