Trailermate: The perfect solution for trailer reversing!

Reversing has never been safer with this user-friendly, robust and reliable system.

Avoid costly reversing accidents! Save £1,000s on bent rear frame repair!

The kit comprises:

  • 4 ruggedised sensors
  • 2 sturdy jet-washproof LED lamps
  • 4 x rubber blocks and conduit for added sensor protection
  • 1 x IP68 control unit
  • 4  x 3 metre extension leads.

Secure the waterproof control box underneath the trailer, connect to the reverse lamp power and position the lamps towards the rear 1/3rd of the trailer with the white lamp side facing forwards. Affix 2,3,4 sensors across the rear of the trailer. As the vehicle reverses, the lamp will begin to flash slowly at 1.5 metres distance, and the driver will see this clearly in his side mirrors. The lamps will flash faster and faster as the driver approaches the loading bay/obstacle. The lamp turns sold white at 0.3 metres distance from the loading bay. Call 01825 768555 to discuss.

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