Camper Vans


Camper vans are awesome but cards on the table,  it’s not always 100% bliss, a road trip can bring its own anxieties. How about when you park up and go for a wander? You’ve attached the steering lock but still in the back of your mind, you’re worrying about the opportunist thief.

Or maybe you’ve left pooch in the van (because sometimes we have to), and you wish you could check on him remotely. And then there are those sleepless nights, we’ve all had them! You’re off the beaten track, and suddenly a twig snaps, or there’s a rustle out there, and somehow, it’s always your turn to check!

If any of these anxieties resonate with you, then you’re going to love VanAngel  – the livedrive camera system from TrafficAngel. With VanAngel, you can check in on your van in real time  from anywhere! Check she’s still parked up safely, check in on your dog, check around the vehicle at night.

VanAngel – the latest video technology from TrafficAngel. Peace of mind for the road, peace of mind all round. It’s the little things that make the difference!


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