video recording plus StopMyEngine bluetooth anti-theft device


that lifesaver check can be a real pain!

anybody who rides a motorbike knows the importance of looking over your shoulder before overtaking or indicating. but over a longer journey and particularly at higher speeds,  the all-important lifesaver check means the wind catches your head and helmet and wrenches your neck. and after only an  hour, this can present a considerable physical strain. this is why you will see riders looking through the crook of their arm just before they pull out. but now there’s a simple addition to the lifesaver check!

bikeAngel is our patent-pending dual camera and screen system designed to fit to almost any motorcyle. the mini-cameras (black or white) are mounted left and right on the bike and wired into the ignition and left and right indicators.

when the rider signals left, the screen automatically switches to the left view. signal right and the screen immediately reverts to the default right hand view. riders can choose the default view.

the 100 degree angle cameras give a non-distorted real-time view of all traffic to the rear, leading to a more relaxing ride all-round and no more neck-pain at higher speeds. you can judge distances correctly and see right across the blindpsot zone! 

the hi-brite waterproof 5 inch screen comes with a quick-release mount which fits to all handlebars.

why not consider digital video recording?

increasing numbers of riders are now using helmet cameras to record their journey but these are often destroyed in an accident and the vital footage lost. so we’ve made sure the bikeAngel system can also record using our slimline 720p mini-DVR fitted under the seat and mounting our mini barrel camera to the front. no bigger than a 50 pence piece, the 100 degree angle camera captures everything you need to know. and in the event of any accident the bikeAngel DVR will keep that all-important footage safe and secure.

bikeAngel – another great safety system from the trafficAngel product range



a simple bluetooth anti-theft device aimed predominantly at the motorcycle and cargobike market but also at cars and classic cars.
StopMyEngine is fitted easily to your vehicle and connects to your smartphone via bluetooth.
StopMyEngine is the ideal deterrent, particularly if your bike is seized whilst the engine is running.
StopMyEngine has the following anti-theft functions:
StopMyEngine is paired to your smartphone. your bike is robbed from you whilst riding or the engine is running – a big problem in london and spreading countrywide.
your bike exceeds bluetooth range to your smartphone (normally around 10 meters) triggering the anti-theft process. over the next 20 seconds, power to the engine cuts out with increasing frequency culminating in total ignition shutdown. your bike has come to a safe stop.
total time between theft and safe, inoperative standstill under 30 seconds! with the bike now immobilised, the horn immediately starts sounding at 3 short beeps every 2 seconds for 3 minutes, warding off the thief and enabling the owner to audibly trace his bike.
you lose your phone or your phone battery dies. you can manually enter a unique 2 pin passcode which you set on install which will deactivate the system. re-enter your 2 pin passcode to connect a new phone or to reconnect your old one. this passcode protection also means other smartphone users cannot see StopMyEngine on their bluetooth menu and pair.
you park your bike, leave and go out of bluetooth range. somebody moves your bike, the accelerometer horn alarm will sound for 30 seconds or until the bike is at rest again. if the thief manages to start the bike, the same bluetooth antihijack alarm process is triggered.
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