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Direct Vision Standard 2020 

So, what is Direct Vision Standard?

And how exactly does it affect YOU as an operator driver?

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In a nutshell, by February 2021, it will be an offence for any truck over 12 tonnes to enter London without an HGV DVS Safety Permit. The amount of direct vision (unaided by any technology) from these vehicles will be star-rated from 0-5. The star rating is set according to how much the driver can see both forwards and downwards from his seated position in the cab, as well as what vision he has in the traditional HGV nearside blindspots. This star rating has been arrived at via TfL, vehicle manufacturers, Loughborough University and associated regulatory bodies.

If you are entering London with a vehicle from abroad, the same ruling applies. Here is the TfL/DVS regulatory page for European drivers

http://content.tfl.gov.uk/hgv-safety-permit-guidance-for-operators-entering-london.pdf  please look at the paragraph on page 12
Page 12: Left-hand drive vehicles 
Left-hand drive vehicles shall require the same equipment as right-hand drive vehicles. Mirrors, cameras and sensors should be fitted appropriately to account for the blind spot on the right-hand side of the vehicle.

All left hand drive vehicles including European visitors will require the equivalent blind-spot technology fitted to the right hand side of the vehicle.

As an operator, the star rating for your particular make and model of vehicle can be obtained from your vehicle manufacturer. From October 2019, operators with vehicles rated 1 star and above can apply for free permits which will allow you to enter London without restriction. From 2024, the minimum DVS star rating will increase to  3 star and above. You will need to contact your vehicle manufacturer to ascertain your vehicle DVS star rating.

If your vehicle is rated at 0 star, then to enter the London zones (up until 2024), you will be required to fit mitigating audio/visual technology to improve the overall safety of your vehicle. This proposed safe system requirement includes  INDIRECT vision aids such as cameras and screen and sensors.

From October 2020, DVS permits will become mandatory, and if after October 2020, your vehicle enters London and does not have the necessary permit, star rating or safety technology fitted, your vehicle will be recognised by ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and penalty charges will be issued to the operator, and to the driver where deemed appropriate.

The proposed equipment required to meet any Direct Vision Standard shortfall includes  blind-spot nearside sensors, a blind-spot nearside camera and screen, audible left turn alarm, side under-run protection and blind-spot safety signage.

And so to reiterate, to enter London, all zero star-rated vehicles must have the following equipment fitted:

1 x nearside camera

1 x in cab screen

1 x nearside blindpsot sensor system

1 x nearside external audible turn alarm

safety signage

All of  the audio-visual safety equipment necessary for your vehicle to fully comply for DVS can be found below and ordered direct. And all at great prices too!

TrafficAngel DVS Products:

Monitor: if your vehicle is ‘zero star’ rated, YOU MUST FIT A MONITOR


SCR1 is our 7 inch 3 channel monitor.

This is our standard monitor which provides a good clear picture and with auto-dim function for night time use.

Measurements: 192mm width of case, 135mm height of case and 45mm depth of case.




SCR4K is our 7 inch 4 channel monitor.

With auto-dim

Measurements: 120mm height and 25mm depth.



Nearside Camera: if your tractor unit is ‘0 star’ rated, YOU MUST FIT A NEARSIDE CAMERA 


SC4B150/SC4W150 is our black/white side camera used as standard on new builds.

This is also available in AHD.

Measurements: 50mm width, 45mm height and 75mm depth base.



SC3B120/SC3W120 is our mini black/white side camera.

Measurements: 30mm width, 25mm height and 35mm depth base.






Up to 4 waterproof sensors positioned on the nearside corner detect the presence of low walls, bollards, cyclists, pedestrians and other obstructions in the blind spot.

The simple, driver-friendly interface consists of a bright LED traffic light display on the nearside A-pillar, which changes colour as the obstruction/hazard approaches, giving an audible warning tone only at the critical proximity of 0.4m

Please go here to see StepProtect in action. Click on the red button and drag the cyclist towards the truck. Please ensure your sound is on








Waterproof superseal connector, 85dB warning alarm.

Plays a short, repeating message alerting nearside cyclists and pedestrians of the driver’s intention to turn left (right turn also available).

Automatically de-activates at higher speeds using the TrafficAngel SpeedSwitch (available separately)

Please go here to hear the CitySafe alarm in action. Click on the red VIEW DEMO button and click play alarm. Please ensure your sound is on





TrafficAngel prides itself on being able to supply and fit the latest safety equipment that meets ALL the Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit criteria.

Please call 01825 768555 to discuss your requirements.

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