Direct Vision Standard 2020!

Direct Vision Standard 2020 

So, what is Direct Vision Standard?                                                            And how exactly does it affect me as an operator driver?

In a nutshell, by October 2020, it will be an offence for any truck over 12 tonnes to enter London without the minimum audio/visual safety equipment. By October 2020, and in order to comply, you will require the necessary permit from your vehicle manufacturer/dealer which authorises your vehicle to enter London. Your vehicle will be verified as DVS-compliant via ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and drivers without the necessary permit will be fined and so too will the operator.

The equipment required to meet the TfL Direct Vision Standard includes  blind-spot nearside sensors, a blind-spot nearside camera and screen, audible left turn alarm, side under-run bars and blind-spot safety signage. All left hand drive vehicles including European visitors will require the equivalent blind-spot technology fitted to the right hand side of the vehicle. Whilst this information is correct as of September 2018, please search DVS on the TfL website for more information. We will also endeavour to keep this page updated.

TrafficAngel prides itself on being able to supply and fit the latest safety equipment that meets ALL the Direct Vision Standard criteria.

Please click on the products tab above and call 01825 768555 to discuss your requirements. We carry all the audio-visual safety equipment necessary for your vehicle to fully comply.

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