TrafficAngel Launches 16 Sensor System

TrafficAngel has launched the first 16 sensor ‘tractor and trailer’ wireless sensor system on the market. OmniSense requires no suzie connection and has 4 front sensors and 4 nearside sensors for the tractor plus 4 nearside and 4 reversing sensors for the trailer. This wireless combination gives unparalleled coverage and is intelligently designed to work well in all urban, city and loading bay applications. The benefits to the operator are many: robust design, easy to use and understand, increased road-safety, reduces accident damage, reduced loading bay damage, any tractor links with any trailer.

Our sensor systems can also be supplied with our unique StreetSmart function. StreetSmart sensors recognize when the vehicle is parked next to stationary objects such as street furniture and adjacent parked cars. In such cases it causes the audible tone to mute after 7 seconds, reducing unnecessary beeping in the cab. The system re-awakens as soon as movement is detected.

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