The latest camera and screen combination for 2016!

A key factor in the success of the TrafficAngel product range is its approach to driver friendly design, robustness and reliability. To that end, TrafficAngel is delighted to announce the arrival of its latest range of low-cost micro cameras and screens.

The camera: fully waterproof and with excellent night vision, the small construct of this mini-camera means it can be fitted quickly and easily to every shape and type of vehicle.  

Mini Cam Photoshopped     

The screen: The TrafficAngel hi-brite 5 inch LCD panel comes with a sturdy ball-joint mounting which means no fiddly screws to break when adjusting the angle of view.  



small screen 2 photoshopped



Combined, this system delivers crystal clear vision 24/7

And the million dollar question – how much?

A lot less than you think!

For more information, call TrafficAngel on 01825 768555 /07766 600500 any time!

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