Installation Photographs from EMR Metal Recycling and MAN Truck & Bus!

By Sameira Pitman on 24th September, 2019

Our TrafficAngel engineers went to Manchester to install our equipment on a DAF XF 460 Tractor Unit and MAN vehicles last week.
Installation photographs from EMR Metal Recycling and MAN Truck & Bus.

Featuring our heavy duty camera (FC2), our 7 inch 3 channel monitor (SCR1) and our internal front facing camera (FC3100).

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By Sameira Pitman on 18th September, 2019

TrafficAngel’s favourite Installation photographs from last week!!

By Sameira Pitman on 16th September, 2019

Let us know about your new 69 plate vehicles and make them road safe. Featuring TrafficAngel’s Heavy Duty Camera (RC2), Internal Front Facing Camera (FC3100) and the Parking Sensor from our StepProtect kit (SP3).

YouTube Video!

By Sameira Pitman on 10th September, 2019

What a wonderful YouTube video showcasing TrafficAngel’s white side camera (SC4W150) in action from one of our recent customers. Proving you don’t have to have a fleet to use our equipment! Give us a call (01825 768555) or email (…

Instagram Repost

By Sameira Pitman on 6th September, 2019

One of our wonderful customers is in the process of a renovation project converting his 2017 LWB VW Crafter into a motorhome. He brought 3 of our TrafficAngel white side cameras to use as a CCTV system to monitor around…

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