Meet the Team

The TrafficAngel Office Team…


Steve Ransom:

The founder of TrafficAngel, Steve began the company back in 2004 after watching an articulated lorry trying to reverse blind through some factory gates.

‘How could I solve that problem?’  The rest as they say is history!





John Ransom:

Middle brother John loaned £14,000 to Steve to set up TrafficAngel back in 2004 and is a shareholder in the business.

A shrewd cookie, John provides that steady head when you need it and proves you don’t need a smart suit to be head of accounts!






Jane Prevost:

Youngest sister of the family, Janie joined the company in 2012 after a few years in the Dominican Republic.

Janie is responsible for accounts and sales. Janie loves her job and has that rare gift of making everybody feel special!





Sameira Pitman:

Sameira has many skills, from co-ordinating installations and service calls, helping John with accounts to being the photographer, creative/marketing and social media queen. She has a deep love for cups of tea.

She is also the qualified fire warden and PAT tester for the company.





Dexter Rainbow:

Yes, that is his name! Dexter is in charge of stock control and is a real asset to the team.

He is also learning how to install proximity sensors (right) and assemble bespoke electronic solutions such as automatic rear camera switching for wagon and drag vehicles – a far cry from his previous managerial role at McDonalds!




Philip Payne:

TrafficAngel’s youngest member of the team. Working along side Dexter, Philip brings a fresh perspective to the team and company. He also manages our Ebay store.







The TrafficAngel Engineers…




Matt Hickson:

Matt is our senior engineer and has been with the company 10 years.

He has seen the company grow over those years and his electronic expertise has been a big part in our success. Matt epitomises the friendly engineer who can always be contacted!






Adam Hamer:

Adam is one half of the main site engineer duo who attends installations and service calls across the country.

He has a crazy obsession with cable management and is the go-to guy who really does know his stuff!





Alan Heselden:

Alan is the other half of the main site engineer duo who attends installations and service calls for our many customers.

He loves being out and about and busy on site jobs and is always keen to explore new systems for the company to use.





Matt Henshaw:

Matt is a site engineer and has been with TrafficAngel for 5 years.

Matt attends installations and service calls across the country.






Josh Ransom:

Josh is a site engineer and has been with TrafficAngel for 6 years and has trained from the bottom up.

Josh has worked on every kind of commercial vehicle. He also prepares kit for installation and is resident pun master in the office!




TrafficAngel Doggies…





(Head Office Dog) Dexter takes an unusually hands-OFF approach to man management. We like that approach.








Digby. Although not a strategist per se, Diggers will often surprise us with suggestions that clearly have future benefit to the business





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