Progressive Safe System 2024 - Is your fleet ready?

From October 2024, new rules will be in effect for all vehicles over 12 tonnes GVW that enter or operate in greater London and do not already have a 3-star rating. The rules require new safety systems to be fitted to vehicles with the aim to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s streets by 2041 as part of Vision Zero. These systems will be known as BSIS (Blind Spot Information System) and MOIS (Moving Off Information System), collectively known as a Progressive Safe System.

TrafficAngel has been developing these systems with a firm focus on complying fully with the new rules. Unfortunately we are already seeing companies offering systems which will not comply, in an effort to be first to market. TrafficAngel will never compromise on quality or attention to detail. We aim to have our new systems available by the end of 2023 and will be contacting all our existing customers to keep them up-to-date. In the meantime we urge our customers, both existing and potential, to ensure before purchasing that systems are fully compliant. You can find more information about the new rules regarding MOIS and BSIS systems here. Please get in touch if you need advice!

Important notice to all recording system users

To ensure optimum functionality of google maps, please go to our TrafficAngel TA2 page to download the latest software.

  • “These recording systems are worth their weight in gold!”  

    Waste disposal fleet engineer
  • “Fitting the StepProtect blindspot sensor system was a straightforward business decision.”

    Supermarket chain fleet engineer
  • “The incident claims we have successfully defended using the TrafficAngel system has more than justified the capital cost of the equipment.”

    Inner-city waste transport manager
  • “StepProtect is a fit and forget safety device and is one of the best add-on kits to our fleet.”

    Grocery chain transport manager

Our customers include...

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